Elizabethtown Rotary Student Loan Fund


The Rotary Club of Elizabethtown sponsors a Student Loan Fund to assist worthy and needy students to prepare themselves for service to society.  As of May 31, 2018, the total assets in the fund were $136,656.56, with $63,656.56 in outstanding loans receivable.

Loans are available to high school graduates who reside within the territorial limits of the Rotary Club of Elizabethtown.  Students should possess a good scholastic record, good character, motivation, participation in extracurricular activities and general good habits.  Applicants do NOT need to be related to, or even sponsored by a Rotarian.  Academic qualifications are not as important as financial need and reasonableness of success.

Loans are made for one year at a time, but students are encouraged to reapply annually for additional loans.  Loans are secured by a promissory note signed by the student and his/her parents.  Interest at the rate of 6% is charged during scheduled terms of repayment, only upon termination of the educational program.  Loan amounts may be adjusted to meet current economic conditions.


Applications are due by June 14 and are granted and paid in July.  Applicants should include with their completed application, a copy of their most recent FAFSA report.  Answers to your questions are available from any member of the Student Loan Committee.  If, after reading the instructions carefully, you have additional questions please contact the Committee Chairman Kevin Dolan, at EtownPARotary@gmail.com