STORY UPDATE:  The challenge has concluded, and BERM has contributed $1300.00 to the Central Penn Food Bank!  THANK YOU, ROTARIAN MARK BRUCE, FOR LEADING US BY YOUR EXAMPLE!
Rotarian Mark Bruce has announced a challenge for all members of Etown Rotary. Track your miles of running, biking or walking for fitness purposes, and report them to him between now and the 4th of July, and he will give $1.00 per mile to the Central Penn Food Bank in honor of you and the club, up to 1000 cumulative miles. Take a screen print of your progress tracked in a fitness app, or otherwise certify your workout mileage to him each time you exercise and send it to his email address.   He will report progress through the club social media and the SPOKE, and will write the check directly to the CPFB. When he is ready to make that presentation, anyone else who would like to personally contribute at the same time, in honor of our Rotarian health warriors, will be invited to join him at that time.
Congratulations Elizabethtown, PA Rotary Club! Together, through the week ending 6/21, we have accumulated 1,124.44 miles!! Since many of you have already logged in miles this week, I will add this weeks miles to the tally and match $1 per mile ending 6/28. Thank you all for your efforts to help me raise money for the PA Central Food Bank.