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While COVID restrictions may have prevented us from having a Taste of Western Lancaster County (TWLC) event this year - it can't stop of us from raising those much needed funds to support our local library!
Each month, there are over 25,000 visitors from pre-school age programs, resources for a job search, students doing research for a school project, and the list goes on and on. Our library relies heavily on the support of people and businesses in our community to provide these services for our community.  The money we have raised each year at TWLC has a great impact and we needed to find an alternative way to continue this much needed support.
That's where the Love the Library Campaign comes in.  We're asking you to be a part of this great effort and help us meet our goal of $13,000 during the month of February.  
How can you help?
Donate to the Elizabethtown Public Library. Operating cash is what they need the most.  Later in the year, they will take donations toward the book sales and other projects, but for the moment, they really need money to pay the bills and continue the high level of services our community enjoys.
Have your Business donate to the Library.  If you have a business that previously sponsored TWLC, please consider this method.  Or become a NEW SPONSOR!  Any amount would help.  Mention of your business donating to the Library will be so noted in both the TWLC Facebook Page as well as the Elizabethtown Rotary Club Facebook Page.
You can donate on-line!
Here is a link to the Elizabethtown Public Library donate page 
(just click “Donate Now”) - 

Please note in the  “Tribute Name” field that this is for the  “2021 TWLC.”  The library will tell us a total amount, but they won't tell us WHO and HOW MUCH.  It would help us understand HOW MANY DONORS if you would share with us that you donated on line.  You don't have to tell us how much if you don't want to, but please send a quick note to me at   just to confirm you donated.   In the end, we are hoping that 100% of our members donate, and that we make our overall goal.

You can also donate by check!
If you wish to write a check,  make it PAYABLE TO Etown Rotary, and write on the Memo line TWLC

Mail To:

Elizabethtown Rotary Club
P.O. Box 89
Elizabethtown PA  17022
How much should you give?
As much as you can!  You would have spent $70 on two tickets for the 2021 TWLC this year, and that would have been appreciated. We'd  LOVE it if you could round up to $100.
Prefer to make a pledge?
We know that not everyone is able to give that much, but please give what you can.  It is important to have ALL of our members contribute SOMETHING.  If you can't give now, but want to make a pledge to give this year, you can send an email to me at the address above.