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This is a complete listing of Paul Harris Fellows from the Elizabethtown Rotary Club, except those Rotarians who have transferred to other clubs. It includes members, honorary members, community leaders and family who have been designated (current as of 5/8/18)

A PAUL HARRIS FELLOW has given $1000 to the Rotary Foundation.  If a plus number appears after a name, it indicates additional multiples of $1000.  Anyone can be a Paul Harris Fellow-- and some of the names here are or were not members of Rotary, but were designated to receive the recognition through their own donation or that of another donor.  We are proud that our all-time giving to the Foundation exceeds $327,900 (as of 5/8/2018.) 


Current Club Members who are Paul Harris Fellows
George K. Biemesderfer PHF+8
Dennis M. Zubler PHF+8
Don M. White PHF+7
Clair G Baum PHF+5
David G. Heisey PHF+5
J. Kenneth Kreider PHF+5
Kenneth Wolfe PHF+5
David E. Halliwell PHF+4
Jack R. Hostetter PHF+4
Noble P. Johnson, Jr. PHF+4
Joseph P. Rebman PHF+4
Thomas N. Campbell PHF+3
Ralph L. Detrick PHF+3
J Harold Engle PHF+3
Roger K. Hipple PHF+3
David A. Ritter PHF+3
J. Robert Hollinger PHF+2
Thomas R. Labagh PHF+2
Barry L. Smith PHF+2
Paul M Wolgemuth, Jr PHF+2
Brenda Kreider Barlet PHF+1
Daniel C Brill PHF+1
Charles M. Cobaugh PHF+1
Kevin Dolan PHF+1
Werner Z. Fetter PHF+1
J Walter Heisey PHF+1
Otis Kitchen PHF+1
Howard A. Kroesen PHF+1
John E. Martin, II PHF+1
Jacob N Olweiler PHF+1
Daniel H. Raffensperger PHF+1
Barton J. Ziegler PHF+1
Scott Cvek  
William C. Davis, Jr  
Debra E. Dupler  
Kevin L Engle  
Richard A Erb  
Tim Haak  
Michael Kalloz  
Joseph H. Lisi  
Nevin A. Lontz  
Debra Miller  
John Smith  
Tyler Smith  
Stacy C. Steinkamp  
Past or Deceased (+) Members and Honorary Paul Harris Fellows
Paul A. Miller PHF+5
Susan Reinhold PHF+4
C. Rodney Fink + PHF+3
Paul M. Grubb, Jr PHF+3
Raymond L. Fetter + PHF+2
Douglas W. Pfautz + PHF+2
Fayez R. Awad PHF+1
John F Barr + PHF+1
Kenneth E. Brandt + PHF+1
Archie G Fenton PHF+1
Theresa E. Fetter + PHF+1
Donald R. Fink + PHF+1
Henry M Garber + PHF+1
Paul M Grubb + PHF+1
Lois K. Herr PHF+1
Harold E. Hollinger + PHF+1
W. H. Hornafius, Jr. + PHF+1
David Martin + PHF+1
John E. Martin + PHF+1
Robert C. Marvel PHF+1
Randall K. Miller PHF+1
Clarence Mummert PHF+1
William E. Mummert + PHF+1
Dale W Mumper + PHF+1
Joseph E. Murphy PHF+1
Sheldon L. Reed PHF+1
Ann S. Reinhold PHF+1
David A. Schmidt PHF+1
Edward E. White, Jr PHF+1
George Achorn, Sr. +  
Jesse W Atkins +  
Daniel S Baum +  
Merle E. Black, Jr. +  
Jimmie V Bosley  
Irvin L. Bossler +  
Jayne F. Duncan  
Ethel Engle  
J Martin Engle +  
Daniel S. Eshleman  
Glenwood A Fuller  
Oscar F Funk +  
Margaret M Garber  
Nancy Z. Garber  
John Gerber  
Alfons R Glaubitz +  
Susan E Grubb  
Maria E. Hayes  
Russell E Hein +  
A. Lewis Heisey +  
Jay L. Heisey  
Ira R Herr +  
Kathryn H. Herr +  
Levi G Hershey +  
Paul M. Hess +  
Carolyn K. Hetrick  
Jack B. Horner  
G. Donald Jenkins +  
Bruce R. Kegerize +  
A. John LaRue +  
Marcia Louise Lentz  
Vera Martin  
Robert M. Messick  
Esther K. Miller  
Frank S Miller  
Gregory Jon Miller  
Joseph Andrew Miller  
Louise Mumper  
Donald G. Muston  
David K Newcomer +  
Ira K Newcomer +  
James G. Novinger  
Vincent W Oconnor +  
Rollin E Pepper +  
Karen Raffensperger  
Pamelia Reed  
Michael R. Rice  
Beth A. Richardson  
Ralph W. Schlosser +  
Barre E. Smuck +  
Troy Thompson  
Allan L. Thrush  
Harold C Walmer +  
Harold C Walmer, II +  
Ralph L. Weirich +  
David Willoughby  
William K Winters +  
S. Scott Witmer  
Beth Wood Bergman  
James L M Yeingst +  
Jason M Zubler  
Linda S. Zubler